Come for the run, stay for the fun!

Select your program below for a full 12-week printable training program that will help you reach your specific goals.
Our half and full marathon program is designed to take the moderate to advanced runner and perfect form while increasing distance and preventing injuries.  If running is your passion you'll love this group!
Our 10-mile club is designed to take moderate level runners and push them to a new level of running.  Perfect for runners wanting to increase speed, correct form, or run their first 10K or half marathon. Click the link to see an example template of the program.
This EXAMPLE 12-week program is designed to take you from the couch to the completion of a 5-mile run.  We have walkers, slow runners, new runners and previous runners getting back into it again in this group.  Program is ongoing. We will place you according to your experience!

Not sure which training program is best for you?  Show up to any run and one of our skilled coaches will find the perfect program for you to reach your goals.

We have several unique training programs that will get you to the finish line. If you are new to running or have become de-conditioned due to low mileage or a long absence from the sport, we recommend that you consider the slow, base-training approach. By progressing through the Pre-Conditioner, 10-Mile Challenge, and 20-Mile Challenge programs, you will establish a solid base upon which to build your half and full marathon training, should you desire. A gradual increase in difficulty, training with a group, working out at well below your ability level and raising the spirits of others will help you avoid injury and add joy to your journey!

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