10Mile Club

We aim to meet the needs of all runners—newbies and seasoned runners alike. We recommend showing up for a run, introducing yourself when you arrive, and getting hooked up with a coach who will provide a program to get you to your goal.

Check out our training programs to find one right for you. (And there is one right for you. We promise.)


training programs


This 12-week program is designed to take you from the couch to the completion of a 5-mile run.  Whether you’re new to running or coming back to the sport after taking time off, the Pre-Conditioners will give you a great base for recreational running or to train for longer distances and races. We start off slow—with intervals of running for one minute, then walking for five—and gradually build your running intervals as you get stronger.

At the end of the Pre-Conditioners program you’ll be in shape for running on a regular basis, for finishing a 5K, and for continuing on to other Pacers programs.

10 Mile Club

Our 10-mile club is designed to take moderate level runners and push them to a new level of running.  This 12 week program gets you to 10 miles with ease. Its ideal for those who can run a 5K at any pace, runners thinking about a half marathon in their future, as well as those that just want to stay fit by running at a fun, conversational pace.

Half Marathon

​Our half and full marathon program is designed to take the moderate to advanced runner and perfect form while increasing distance and preventing injuries.   If you can run three miles, you can train for a half marathon. Yes, really. Give us 12 weeks, and we’ll cheer you as you cross that glorious finish line at 13.1 miles.


You’re ready to go for it—and we’re here to get you there. Our 25-week Marathon Training Program has helped hundreds of experienced and first-time marathon runners safety achieve their goal. Prepare yourself for a simultaneously challenging and intensely rewarding experience that will leave you with some amazing bragging rights.

training programs

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