If you come run with us more than once, please consider getting a Pacer jersey. It helps us in several ways:

  1. When someone new walks up and everyone is sporting their red shirts it helps us identify them and allows us to quickly welcome introduce them to our club. 
  2. It’s great visibility at runs, events, and races to help spot fellow Pacers!
  3. People see us running as a group and assume we know what we’re doing! 
  4. It supports our sponsor, Future Track Running Store in Agoura. 
  5. It shows you support your club!

Where to get your Pacer Gear:

Future Track in Agoura Hills

30125 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Pacer gear

Occasionally we will do a special order of Shirts, Hats, Bags etc.  For these items you can purchase them at our Sunday runs.