Q: How do I join the Pacers?
You show up. Really. We’re not into making running hard. It’s free. We’ve got training programs and experienced coaches ready to help regardless of running ability (or lack thereof). So, show up with running shoes, a bottle of water, and the belief that this is going to be awesome (because it is), and we’ll get you going.

Q: Who are you guys?

Welcome to the Pacers! We like to run, socialize, and believe in health and happiness for all (so that means no cost to join).  We have seven dedicated and enthusiastic coaches to help train runners—all runners. Brand new to running? We got you with our Pre-Conditioners program. Looking to dabble in double digits? Enter 10-Mile Challenge . Then there’s half marathons, marathons, and trails. 

We also like to hang out with each other. Rumor has it the Pacers are known as some of the nicest people in Thousand Oaks. While we don’t like to feed the pesky rumor mill, we’d have to agree on this particular point. Check out our Facebook page to join us for our social events in addition to our runs (though we socialize on the runs, too).

Q: This is a FREE club! Wait, really? I don’t have to pay anything?
Yes, the Pasadena Pacers is an entirely free club. That said, the Club isn’t free to run. We’ve got to pay for this website and other things so we welcome donations in any amount to our Green Can.

Q: What is this Green Can I keep hearing about?
Such a good question. Please read all about here.

Q. Where do the Pacers meet?
Our big, everyone-come-on-out run is on Sundays at 7:30am. Every Saturday. Always 7:30am. Rain or shine. Our usual spot is at the Wildflower Playfields (Turn right to enter the parking lot on Cannon street as soon as you see the fields on your right). 

Our midweek runs are more informal. We meed at various places depending on the time of the year (for safe and well lit areas) and for the type of training desired.

Q: What can I expect at Sunday run? How about a Midweek run?
On Sundays we gather, mingle, and start our stretches promptly at 7:30am. After stretches runners head out on their choice of a set course (either on trials or road) with whatever training group suits their needs. If you’re not training for something, feel free to go as many miles as you’d like as we usually have runners going 3-10 miles or more (and less) any given Sunday. We also offer post-run nourishments back at the tables courtesy Pacer volunteers.If you would like to volunteer to bring something or set up for our run please visit our Volunteer page.

Midweek runs are more informal. We expect anywhere from a couple of runners to a few dozen, usually a mix of paces and abilities.  It’s casual and go-with-the-flow. Always bring a water bottle and good running shoes.

Q: What is expected of me as a Thousand Oaks Pacer?
That you run. It’s even better if you can be friendly, too. We want everyone to get out and run (or at least get out and move) as we believe we can help alleviate depression, obesity, diabetes, and other terrible things by just lacing up our shoes and running—preferably with others.

Besides just running, here’s some other things you can do to show your Pacer spirit: 

  1. Wear Pacers gear to identify yourself as a Pacer, especially at Pacers events and races. (“On Saturdays, we wear red.”)
  2. Volunteer.
  3. Bring water or snacks for our Saturday runs. Sign up here.
  4. Go cheer on your fellow Pacers at a race.
  5. Be a leader. Pace lead for races, join the leadership team, sign up to help or run a fundraising or social event.
  6. Be a true Pacer. Be friendly. Be open. Be kind to others. Do your best. Good examples help the club, and they help the community at large.
  7. Run safely. ALL. THE. TIME
  8. Donate. Free club ≠ free to run. We’ve got bills and look to the generosity of our club to fund our minimal needs.

Q: Where can I buy a Pasadena Pacers gear?

Visit our Pacer Gear page to learn more.

1.  Gradually increase difficulty​

2.  Add miles gradually 

3.  Train with a group

4.  Raise the spirits of others in a

     motivating, positive environment

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The Thousand Oaks Pacers running club was founded at the end of 2014 by Dr. Rich Cimadoro, an avid runner, Crossfit endurance coach, athlete, and injury and rehab specialist.  But the Pacer's as a running group started over 19 years ago.  Dr. Steve Smith, a longtime runner, founded the Pasadena Pacers, the oldest running club in all of San Gabriel Valley.  The success of that club inspired us, along with kind encouragement from his wife Robin, to create an affiliate club in our own Conejo Valley. 

​While the Pacers began as a fitness initiative, we quickly realized how much people appreciate the social benefits of a club.  Simply put, we are a group of people from different backgrounds who are drawn together by running.  Think about it; when you leave your car wearing only your running gear, you shed the trappings that identify you with your "normal" life.  In other words, the boundaries that can separate you from your fellow man are removed, creating a non-threatening environment where it is easy to get to know others.  Many people who run with the Pacers make the comment, "This is the friendliest group of people!"  And they are correct.